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Data Creates Knowledge


Numbers alone don’t tell us the whole story. After careful study of the best models available, we identified six metrics that give residents the information we need to make better decisions for our health.

7-Day Avg of New Cases

Shows if we’re spreading or containing the virus. Data source: Hawai’i DOH

Red >10 per 100,000
Orange 5-10 per 100,000
Yellow 2-5 per 100,000
Green <2 per 100,000

Thresholds from
Honolulu Reopening Strategy

Test Positivity Rate

Shows how prevalent the virus is within our community. Data source: Hawaiʻi DOH

Red >5%
Orange 2.5-5%
Yellow 1-2.49%
Green <1%

Thresholds from
Honolulu Reopening Strategy

ICU Occupancy Rate

Measures hospitals’ capacity to handle severe cases. Data source: Hawaiʻi DOH

Cluster Report

Clusters under Investigation (top 3 in the last 14 days). Data source: Hawaiʻi DOH

Economic Index

Indicates the extent of recovery from the COVID-recession. Refers to the 2-wk change in the economic index. Data source: UHERO

100 = Index value at full recovery

+5 or greater increase

+1 to +4


-4 to -1

-5 or greater decline

Total Vaccine Doses Administered

Measures how many vaccines have been administered to date.

Research and Models we follow.

Different mathematical models and data sets offer unique and helpful perspectives. We read a variety of state and nationwide research and analytics, including:


Key Takeaways

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