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5-Point Recovery Plan

This plan was issued in September 2020 by the Hawaiʻi COVID Collaborative, designed to give our state the best possible chance at controlling COVID-19 and emerging from this crisis.

Holding our elected and appointed leaders accountable is paramount to our community’s success. As individuals, we must do our part to stop the spread. And as leaders, our government officials need to do their part to ensure our systems, policies and mandates serve the best interest of the people of Hawai‘i.ched by the Hawai‘i COVID Collaborative, a hui of private businesses and nonprofit organizations, COVID Pau will help fulfill the unmet need in public health information. (Updated December 2020)

The categories below represent how we are progressing towards recovery.

No progress towards recovery

critical action necessary

Some progress towards recovery

additional action needed

Significant progress

improvement possible

Recovery underway

no critical adjustments needed


an honest, transparent look at Hawaiʻi’s progress on our five-point plan to emerge from COVID-19 as of October 22, 2020

1. Execute an immediate change in leadership and culture at Hawaiʻi State Department of Health.

New leadership has taken charge of the department and the contact tracing program; long-term transparency and accountability will be needed to demonstrate a culture shift within the Department.

2. Provide complete, accurate and transparent data.

HDOH has launched a dashboard with a robust metric set, and though key data sets are still pending updates or inclusion, expansion of the dashboard actively continues. Third party efforts continue to effectively supplement data analysis and public dissemination including Hawai‘i Data Collaborative, Hawai‘i Pandemic Applied Modeling work group, COVID Pau and others, though data reporting remains highly-dependent on numbers made public by the HDOH. Independent organizations continue to call for disaggregated data for third-party analysis, as well as the release of critical metric sets not yet available from HDOH.

3. Effectively execute testing, contact tracing and quarantine functions.


The State launched Safe Travels Hawaiʻi on Oct. 15, 2020, a pre-arrival testing program for transpacific and inter-island travel. Counties continue to work actively to activate increased testing capacity for visitors and residents.


Quarantine facilities have been established in Honolulu to serve those with living situations that make it difficult or impossible to isolate, resources remain limited to perform routine health checks to support those in quarantine.

Contact Tracing:

Contact tracing capacity is increasing through training and recruitment; contacts are routinely called within 24 hours with an approximately 50% response rate. Hawaiʻi has not yet adopted the use of app-based technology to aid in contact tracing efforts.

4. Establish a world class communications plan.

A comprehensive COVID communications plan has not been released by the state, but DOH has shown progress in launching new communications initiatives including a Survivor Stories campaign and publishing a data dashboard. COVID Pau’s curated data dashboard, new economic index, analysis by experts to distribute actionable information, and first-person stories of COVID-19 impact increase the reach and efficacy of COVID messaging. Communications efforts continue by county, and with independent campaigns including Our Kuleana and Mākaukau.

5. Provide education and execute enforcement of personal responsibilities.

The Honolulu Police Department has increased enforcement dramatically while other counties’ residents remain largely compliant with their respective mandates. Many public and private organizations have websites and campaigns to educate the importance of making behavior changes and taking personal responsibility. These organizations include Hawai‘i State Department of Health, City and County of Honolulu, County of Hawaiʻi, County of Maui, County of Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi Public Health Institute, Hawaiʻi Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations, NHPI Hawai‘i COVID-19 Response Recovery and Resilience Team and others.

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