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Town Hall #2

Mahalo for making Town Hall #2 on vaccinations so informative. Your participation provided our COVID Pau experts with great questions about the vaccine and how to celebrate the holidays safely. See below for Q&A video highlights.

Our next Town Hall will be scheduled for 2021. Stay tuned.


Is this vaccine safe to take?

What is the latest update with the vaccine?

What is the vaccine release timeline? Who is receiving the vaccine first?

If I have had severe allergic reactions to medication before, should I take the vaccine?

What does the Moderna vaccine do? How does it differ from the Pfizer vaccine?

How long will the distribution of the vaccine take? What are the challenges?

Will our schools be safe if our keiki are not widely vaccinated?

How will the vaccine be distributed to the general population?

If I had COVID-19 before, should I get the vaccine?

Will we still have to wear our masks once vaccinated?

Is it recommended for pregnant women to take the vaccine?

How can we socially distance and still enjoy the holiday season?

Are handmade or baked goods safe to give and receive as gifts?

How can I do my holiday shopping safely?

What can we do for loved ones who are hurting emotionally this holiday season?

Are certain holiday traditions, like making an imu or pounding mochi, not safe?

With more people working remotely, what are some healthy habits to follow?

View featured videos answering COVID-19 questions from Town Hall #1,  here.

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